Students to visit Dead Sea Scrolls

One of the pots on display with the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit at Kansas Citys Union Station. Southerns History Club will be visiting the exhibit March 24.

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One of the pots on display with the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit at Kansas City’s Union Station. Southern’s History Club will be visiting the exhibit March 24.

Amye Buckley

Next month, one campus group head to Kansas City to go back in time.

Missouri Southern’s History Club is organizing the trip but it is open to all students. On March 24, the group will visit Union Station and Science City, the KC Rail Experience, the IMAX style Extreme Screen theatre and the visiting Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit.

Rebecca DePriest, senior secondary education major and History Club president, planned the trip because of the historical significance of the Dead Sea Scrolls.

“The Dead Sea Scrolls are something that are usually housed halfway around the world, in the Middle East,” said DePriest. “And for them to be in Kansas City and to be able to take people there to see them is just wonderful.”

The exhibit focuses not only on the Dead Sea Scrolls but also the culture surrounding them. It features scrolls and artifacts discovered nearby, and attempts to depict what life was like in the Qumran community at the time the Scrolls were written. Discovered almost 60 years ago the Scrolls date from the first century. Ten of the scrolls in the exhibit are original documents and three are reproductions.

DePriest is excited about the number of things to see and do, she plans to get ideas for her student teaching later this spring.

“There’s just so much to see there,” DePriest said. “We might as well make the whole day available.”

She has tried to arrange tickets so the group can see the Dead Sea scrolls in the morning and view the [ital]Mysteries of the Nile[ital] film in the afternoon. In between, the group plans visits to the KC Rail Experience and Science City.

The interactive exhibits at Science City are aimed at the children. Special arrangements can be made for older children to come with the group.

The group will leave from Southern at approximately 7 a.m. in order to spend the entire day exploring the museum complex. They hope to visit the Gottlieb Planetarium, but tickets are limited and distributed on a first-come first-serve basis.

Cost for the trip is $50 and includes tickets to the exhibits and transportation to and from Kansas City. For more information, please contact DePreist at [email protected].