Abortion not an option

Rebecca Watts - Editor-in-Chief

Rebecca Watts – Editor-in-Chief

Rebecca Watts

Abortion should not be a choice.

There needs to be an understanding of how human virtue and benevolence is lost in this issue. We hear people say having a baby is a decision for women, and having the freedom to make every decision for the baby is every American woman’s right. However, our rights contradict each other in the fact that murder is against the law. And that baby has every right to live.

Abortion is premeditated murder. It is considered, contemplated and then executed.

I’ve heard testimonies from women who have had abortions. They describe a time in their lives when they were terrified, grief-stricken, frustrated, tired, ostracized from their families and confused. Abortion seemed to be the best alternative, and in the end they realized it wasn’t.

They made their American-given decision and it left an emotional scar. Their heart still goes to the baby who never got the chance to live.

So they somehow live day to day trying to forget. If something can cause such guilt, then there is enough reason to believe it’s wrong.

Abortion affects a life that has the right to live happily, a life that has the right to experience all of life’s ups and downs. The woman may convince herself and those around her, but deep down she knows better than that. All she knows is her own pain, a pain that makes her blind. Blind to the actions that hurt others and blind to her own fear.

Depending on the woman, reactions to such a loss can vary. Some scream, throw things, try to take it out on others or themselves, drink excessively, consume more drugs, eat more or sleep all day.

There’ s a loss of self-esteem and sometimes the only thing to do is to be alone. To come to terms with oneself. The women who are brave enough to admit they were wrong, or strong enough to take a firm stand against this choice should all be commended. We’re not talking about choice, we’re talking about people’s lives.