Restaurant workers deserve respect

Jesse Cordova - Assistant Sports Editor

Jesse Cordova – Assistant Sports Editor

Whoever came up with the saying “The customer is always right” needs to be punched in the face.

How many times has a waiter been ‘stiffed’ because of something that the cook did wrong? How many times has some moron stood in line at Starbucks arguing about whether or not there is milk in a latte (there is)? How many times has some idiot with nothing better to do on their Sunday gone to buy a treadmill and argued with the employee for 30 minutes over whether they can buy the display model for 20 percent off, only to say “I am just going to take my business elsewhere?”

I have news for you. The place won’t go under just because you are buying your $200 treadmill somewhere else. And the employee really doesn’t care if you go. In fact, they probably want you to leave.

If you are a religious person, I would like to say in advance that I am NOT trying to stereotype you when I say this. But, if you go to church on Sundays and then go out to a sit down restaurant for brunch afterwards, there is a good chance that you are among the most evil people in the world.

I waited tables for a little more than a year, and I am willing to bet that even though Sunday mornings were among the busiest times of the week, I probably made the least amount of money on those days. Why? Because for the entire shift, every one of my tables turned their noses at me and acted like I was somehow beneath them. One woman even told me that I should be ashamed of myself.

“I just can’t believe that instead of going to church on Sundays you work,” said one supposedly religious woman.

My response: “If I went to church on Sundays instead of waiting tables, then who would you give your INCREDIBLY GENEROUS 25-cent tip to?”

Again, please don’t fill our inbox with hate mail. I am not saying that religious people are all that way, just a good portion of them.

Just because someone waits tables or works in a retail store doesn’t mean they are somehow less intelligent or undeserving of your respect and dignity. In fact, just about everyone that I worked with while waiting tables was paying their way through college.

“All that is necessary for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing,”-Edmund Burke, British philosopher.

Consider that a warning to any of you that think it would be fun to go out and terrorize a waiter or pick a fight with someone at Starbucks over the ingredients in a drink, that if you make the mistake of doing it when I am within earshot, I will hear you and I will make you look like an ass.

Why me? Because no one else seems to think it’s a problem.