Film club debuts with initial meeting Feb. 22

Amber Duncan

An on-campus group of filmmaking enthusiasts have found a way to take advantage of the rapidly-growing new discipline of filmmaking.

MOSO Film Club is a newly formed on-campus organization designed to help serious filmmakers work together to produce original films.

According to founding members, filmmaking has become an increasingly popular art form in the 21st century. Digital technology advancements have been a catalyst for new developments in modern film production.

The club seeks to form a network of support for this growing art, as creating film requires a large crew of skilled and unskilled workers. Support network members will include writers, actors, wardrobe personnel, directors, audio and lighting technicians, public relations and camera crews. The club also hopes to hold a film festival where student filmmakers’ work will be presented. The film festival will tentatively be held in November 2008.

The first meeting will be held at noon on Feb. 22 in Room 357 of Webster Hall. Serious filmmaking enthusiasts are invited to attend. If you are unable to attend the meeting, please provide contact information by e-mailing [email protected] or visit