From Jeff City to the highway


From Jeff City to the highway

Brennan Stebbins

Jeff Harmon is a junior political science major at Missouri Southern. He did a legislative internship in Jefferson City last January, and started volunteering for the Republican campaign over the summer. As part of his volunteer work, Harmon identifies voters by going door to door and asking questions about issues, along with working on a phone bank of possible voters.

“We’ll call voters all around the state and ask them questions just to identify them so right before the election comes up we can make calls and try to get them out to vote,” Harmon said.

Currently Harmon is putting up signs along highways, and working on events in Newton and Jasper counties to register people to vote.

Q: What is the most important issue to students?

A: “I’d probably say the economy. I think it’s affecting the students right now more than anything.”

Q: Why is John McCain going to win?

A: I think John McCain is going to win because I think people value his ideas when it comes to his pro-life view, and his experience. I think that’s the big thing he has right now is experience that the other candidate doesn’t. I also think he’d be the guy to fight this war on terrorism and that’s something that we shouldn’t get away from.

Q: Was Sarah Palin a good pick for Vice President?

A: Oh yeah, I think she was a great pick. At first I didn’t really like it, but now I got used to it and realized that a lot of the voters like the pick. You can kind of challenge her experience, which is actually more than Senator Obama’s, but I like the pick because I think it’s what’s going push him (McCain) over and help him win.

Q: Say something nice about Barack Obama.

A: He’s a great speaker, but that’s not always good for the country.