Student works to ‘get word out’


Student works to ‘get word out’

Lauren Oxendine is a senior international studies major at Missouri Southern. She volunteered for Sen. Claire McCaskill’s election campaign in 2006, and serves as president of the College Democrats.

“I try to get people involved that way,” Oxendine said. “We try to organize stuff as a student body to get the word out about Barack Obama.”

She volunteers three nights each week at the Democratic office in Joplin, where she serves as volunteer coordinator.

“I’m basically just calling other Obama people and trying to get them to come out and knock on doors, make phone calls, all that stuff with us.”

Q: What is the most important issue to students?

A: “That’s hard because I don’t think students care a whole lot, which makes me sad, but it’s what I think.”

Q: Why is Barack Obama going to win?

A: I think people in this country realize that we do need a change. I think people realize that we can’t change the direction of our country if we just keep electing Republicans into office.

Q: Was Joseph Biden a good pick for Vice President?

A: Yeah, I think he was a really good pick. He kind of balances out Obama’s ticket because everyone complains about Obama that he has no experience, even though I don’t think that’s a justified complaint. He’s been in the Senate and has a good reputation, and has got a lot of work done.

Q: Say something nice about John McCain.

A: I think a lot of nice things about John McCain. I think he’s an outstanding man that has served our country very well. I just don’t think that qualifies him to run the free world, but I think he’s an outstanding individual.