Your suggestions

“I would suggest cutting most travel costs. Although this has probably already been suggested, I can comment from past experience in health care cuts at local hospitals that this can save a significant amount of money during hard times. In fact, this is often one of the “low-hanging fruits” that is first picked during hard times at hospitals. This could also include the $2000 per/dept. Even though this may not be a popular idea, it might save jobs and more painful cuts elsewhere. Thanks for the opportunity for me to express an opinion.”

“I have ordered a smart power strip for the KXMS library to automate reduction of daily power consumption. It turns off the computer automatically and switches off the printer and monitor. I use one of these at home and it works just fine. Details at”

“An area that may save a little on electricity is the lighting on campus. Some areas need all their lights such as the dental clinic. Some areas have excessive lighting such as Spiva Library. If every other ceiling light fixture were to have their bulbs removed and the same would hold true for most other buildings on campus. Automatic sensors that turn lights on and off in bathrooms around campus would also be of good use. Another suggestion would be to end our contract with the people that fertilize and spray the trees around campus. If it is felt that fertilization or spraying is needed then that should be part of the Yard crew’s job.”

“The heater is blowing in my office at the same time that the air conditioner is blowing. I’ve been told that the thermostats have been set and nothing can be done about it. Seems very inefficient and wasteful to me. Only suggestion I have would be to turn the heat of until it’s needed.”

“The New York Times had a special supplement last Sunday called “Education Life.” On the page four there is a brief article stating that many universities are eliminating land phone lines in the residence halls. Most students don’t use them anymore and schools are saving a lot of money by getting rid of them. (You can have mine too!)”