Security Reports

10-7-2008Vehicle AccidentLot 11A student scraped the bumper of another vehicle as they were driving through the parking lot. The student called DPS to notify them of the accident and the scuff marks on the parked vehicle. DPS collected the student’s information and left a note on the parked vehicle asking the owner to contact DPS. The owner of the second vehicle contacted DPS and was notified of the accident. The scuff marks buffed out of the bumper.

10-8-2008TheftEast HallDPS responded to the report of a burglary in East Hall. A student reported their Xbox 360 and three controllers stolen. The students reported they believe the doors can be broken into. DPS investigated the theft and reported the questionable door to the carpenter’s shop.

10-9-2008Property DestructionLot 39A student contacted DPS when the door of another student’s car struck his vehicle. The victim noted the suspect commented on how close the student was parked to the line and opened their door, allowing it to strike the offending vehicle, backed out, and drove away quickly. The student reported their vehicle sustained a scratch to his passenger side door.

10-9-2008Injured PersonTaylor Performing Arts Center

DPS responded to a call regarding an injured person in the ceramics lab. They found a person with their left leg outstretched. The DPS officer observed the person’s knee looked dislocated. The person was transported to Freeman West emergency room. 10-9-2008Property DamageLot 39A student reported after they parked their car in the main lot, they returned to find the front driver and passenger window frames damaged. The car was still locked and nothing was missing. 10-9-2008Vehicle AccidentLot 22As a student was backing out of a parking space, they struck another student traveling along International Ave. Both vehicles sustained damage and neither student was injured. 10-10-2008TheftEast HallDPS received a call regarding two laptops missing from one dorm in East Hall. The thief also took a two gigabyte flash drive. DPS is investigating. 10-14-2008TheftDishman HallA student reported their power supply missing for their laptop. The student stepped outside to show guests out, upon their return, they noticed another student in the common area of the apartment. The visitor inquired what the student was doing in their apartment. The student stated they lived there. The resident of the apartment noted their laptop had been moved and when the visitor left, the student noticed their power supply to the laptop missing. DPS investigated and located the power supply outside on the ground, intact and undamaged. The victim later spotted the suspect and notified DPS. DPS questioned the suspect and took their information. 10-14-2008TheftLot 25A student reported serious damage to their vehicle, as well as the theft of four subwoofers and two amps from their vehicle. The vehicle had scratches on the window, the rubber seal was damaged, the window had been forced down two inches, and the inside door handle was damaged. The enclosures to the subwoofers were also stolen. Joplin Police Department responded and collected fingerprints from the vehicle. The estimated total of property stolen is $1300. 10-15-2008Vehicle AccidentDuquesne RoadDPS responded to a vehicle accident involving a pedestrian. The investigation was handed over to the Joplin Police Department. Please see page 1 for more information. 10-16-2008Stolen PropertyEast HallCustodial staff discovered two laptops covered in chocolate syrup in a trash chute. The investigation was handed over to DPS.