Book review Darnton’s latest novel delivers wit, suspense

Book review Darntons latest novel delivers wit, suspense

Book review Darnton’s latest novel delivers wit, suspense

John Darnton’s latest novel, Black and White and Dead All Over, begins with an intricately satiric opening; which evokes a page turner full of wit and suspense.

This captivating murder mystery delves into the action as a notorious editor is found dead in the very building he spends most of his time, the newsroom of The New York Globe.

Theodore S. Ratnoff, the assistant managing editor, who is known for dressing down subordinates, wielding his purple pen at anyone who dare cross the line.

As a high-priority story, Jude Hurley is chosen to do the job. Jude has been employed at The Globe for quite some time as a metro reporter. Jude has been on the outside waiting to get in, now is his chance, but will his incipient ulcer and attention-seeking girlfriend get in the way?

Hurley teams up with an ambitious NYPD detective, Priscilla Bollingsworth, and together they explore the vast array of possible suspects in a race to identify the murderer.

For Hurley cracking this case could be the story of a lifetime and for Bollingsworth, a major boost in her career status. With the ever-increasing suspense, can the two crack the case before there becomes a victim number two?

With each page Darnton leaves the reader wanting more, daring us to question “What will happen next?” leaving it lingering in our heads if we dare lay it down. Who needs sleep when we have pages unturned, questions unanswered?

This novel leaves the reader guessing up until the very end. The lack of detail in the vast web of characters made it difficult to follow. With so many character’s they seemed very cardboard and one dimensional. Tip: Pay attention to detail.

The killer is revealed in the last few pages, leaving some, myself included, to feel a little let down. While Darnton ties up the loose ends, he leaves the reader feeling nostalgic.

All is well that ends well… unless you’re the victim.

[Editor’s note: John Darnton is the brother of former Missouri Southern State College President Donald Darnton.]