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[Editor’s note: Your letters on recruitment and enrollment as submitted to the President’s office through [email protected].]

“I don’t know if this is possible, but it would really help if there was a column that showed the number of hours a student is enrolled for that semester. When requesting the advisee listing, Lionet always asks for which semester we want the report. Knowing at a quick glance how many hours an advisee is enrolled would really help faculty to monitor student’s enrollment and be able to attempt contact with those who have not yet enrolled. We’ve had an emphasis on advising and retaining students, it would be nice if faculty had the tools to be able to do that. If there is already an easier way to get the information than going to each student’s record please let me know.”

“How about offering some incentive to bring your cronies, pals, or BGFFL when you enroll at Southern? If two or three high school kids enroll together, and identify each other as cronies under this program, we rebate x% of their tuition upon graduation within 5 years. Added incentive for “volume sales,” added incentive to complete school (drop outs get no rebate), and added incentive to arrive on campus with at least one friend as committed as you are yourself. P.S. How about some percentage rebate to anyone upon completion in 5 years? It’d knock off, say, $1,700 from your $17,000 student loan (tuition only).”

“To borrow a phrase from a well-known song, this might “be the right place but the wrong time.” But as a University, we need to upgrade our public image. I am out in the public a great deal recruiting students and that is a constant that I run across. The students don’t think we are a viable option for them and that the education is second-class. You know as well as I, that is not the case at all. We have wonderful faculty here and great programs. I have not been here very long (starting my fourth year), but I remember coming for my interview and feeling that there was something really ready to happen here. I believe that change is now upon us and no one knows but us. I am always willing to help out if there are ideas floating around.”