Barr not a Libertarian

First of all, kudos to Jessica Schreindl for informing readers that there are more than two presidential candidates this year. It is important for voters to be familiar with all the candidates, so they can make a wise decision on voting day.

However, I want to point out that Bob Barr, even though he is the Libertarian Party candidate, is not a libertarian, and therefore I cannot vote for him. I did at one time support Barr, but now, after doing extensive research on him, I realize it was a mistake for me to do so.

Libertarians believe in making the federal government so small that its sole function is to protect our Constitutional rights, which have been violated, thanks to the Patriot Act, which Barr voted for as a congressman. He has also made public statements in which he supports a flat tax, a form of income tax, which Libertarians strongly oppose. He also does not believe in legalizing all drugs, just medical marijuana. Libertarians believe that all drugs should be legal, because we believe that an individual has the right to do whatever they wish, as long as it does not infringe on others’ rights.

My main problem with Barr, however, is his recent public criticism of Congressman Ron Paul, who has done more than anyone in this country to spread the Libertarian message. It’s too bad Paul is no longer a candidate, because even though he’s a Republican, he is more of a Libertarian than any politician I know of, including Barr.

Tyler DowningJunior Mass Communications Major