Love to join Board of Governors

Board of Governors student representative studies abroad

Board of Governors student representative studies abroad

Ivy Love got her phone call.

The junior Spanish and French major confirmed she was notified today about her appointment as student representative to the Board of Governors.

“I just found out about it like an hour ago, so it’s still kind of sinking in,” she said. “I’m not involved in Student Senate this year so I was rearing to do something political.”

Love said she feels strongly about recent cuts to the budget of the Institute of International Studies and plans to bring up the issue to the board.

“The international budget, that’s a really big deal to me,” Love said. “I’m double majoring in two foreign languages.”

Ben Hinkle, interim student representative and Student Senate president, said he has not been contacted yet about the new appointment, however he has no hard feelings that his time on the Board has ended.

“I don’t expect that I will be [contacted by the Board],” Hinkle said. “I wasn’t on Tim’s list and I think Ivy will do a good job.”

Hinkle and Love have served together on the Senate and Hinkle believes in Love’s ability to represent the students.

“Ivy is sort of quiet, but when she was on Student Senate she’d speak up on issues she felt strongly about,” he said.

Love will begin her responsibilities with the Board at the Oct. 17 meeting.

Love’s appointment is subject to official confirmation from the Governor’s office.