It’s ‘Rocky Horror’ for Southern Players

Jump to the left, step to the right; bring your knees in tight. And don’t forget the hip swivel.

It’s all part of the time warp, and everyone will have a chance to partake tonight during a 10 p.m. screening of the Rocky Horror Picture Show at Route 66 Movie Theater on Main Street in Webb City.

The film will be shown again at 10 tomorrow night, and both showings will help raise money for the Missouri Southern Players. Treasurer Zack Self, who went dressed as Riff Raff to the event last year, said most of the Players will attend in costume, and prop bags will be available. A $5 donation is being asked.

“The money will help pay for trips to see traveling Broadway shows and attend regional theatre auditions,” Self said.

“It’s (Rocky Horror) been around for awhile and it’s near Halloween so it’s perfect. People can dress up as whatever person they want.”

Outside props will not be allowed to the event, but virgins are more than welcome.