Holiday List: Four live shows worth seeing

While all four of these venues offer a wide range of music this December, these four shows stand out and have the approval from some of the most experienced music listeners in the area.

The Itch with KTP @ The Blackthorn: The Itch is a local band that won’t be confined to any genre like punk or metal. They have their own unique high-intensity sound that has created quite a following in the area. “This is high energy original music from a band that’s been around,” said Jason Martin, bartender at The Blackthorn. (Dec. 18)

The Boneyard Brawlers with The Remarkabilly’s @ The Keystone Lounge: This show has already been dubbed ‘Stand up bass night.’ Most people associate stand up bass with psychobilly or rockabilly but The Remarkabilly’s, who have started to get a local following in the last year, are “For the most part just a really good rock-n-roll band,” said Dozer, bartender at The Keystone Lounge. But the Boneyard Brawlers are a what some would consider a high-intensity psychobilly band. “Them cats are just mean,” Dozer said. (Dec. 19)

Monty Montgomery @ The Kitchen Pass: This original singer/songwriter has been entertaining crowds at the Kitchen Pass for the last few years. “Everyone that comes to see him is an instant fan,” said Mike Paulus, owner of The Kitchen Pass. “Great song writing, great guitar work and he’s just incredible live. I’d say he’s one of the best shows we’ve had in 20 years of live entertainment at the KP.” (Dec. 10)

Free Drinks @ The Tropicana Lounge: This accoustic duo has just started playing the Tropicana Lounge recently and already has a following there. Whether playing originals or covers “They’re just a good catchy band to watch,” said Adam Geibler, owner of the Tropicana. Geibler said the band plays about half originals and half covers. One of the originals, “The Girl Song,” is also a bit of a crowd pleaser because the two have turned it into a drinking song that everyone can participate in. Which is just another way the band knows how to please a crowd. “Good fun, that’s what they are.” Geibler said.