Holiday List: Three gotta-have chicken pizzas

Since pizza is a staple to nearly every college students diet these three slices should fit right in. Hopefully trying something a little different on a pizza will help make staying in the 417 for the holidays just a little easier to cope with.

The Hardway @ Woody’s Woodfire Pizza: This woodfire cooked pizza is saturated in a blend of flavor that wrestles between the chicken, the jalapenoes and the italian sausage. But it all comes together very nicely. This pizza normally comes piled high with toppings, yet somehow it is still easy to eat without a fork.Ingredients: Blackened chicken, italian sausage, jalapenoes and red onions with white sauce.

The Jamacain Outback @ Up in Flames:This woodfire cooked pizza offers a little bit of a kick with a sweet aftertaste for those looking for a slice that bites back. Some would say that the best chicken pizzas are served with white sauce but one bite of this original and you’ll beg to differ.Ingredients: Jamacian seasoning marinated chicken breast, red onion, bacon pieces, roasted red peppers and mozzerella cheese with red sauce.

The Mad Greek @ The Blackthorn Pizza and Pub: The spinach and feta cheese give this pizza its distinct flavor. One might even make it through an entire slice without noticing the chicken, though there is normally plenty there, and not care because the blend on this pizza is so refreshingly good.Ingredients: Grilled chicken, fresh spinach, black olives, fresh garlic, sliced tomatoes and feta cheese with white sauce.