‘For the first time, I can put up a flag’

When Dr. Joy Dworkin, professor of English, got dressed Tuesday morning, she made a point of wearing red, white and blue.

“I feel very proud of this country,” she said.

Dworkin was one of more than 200 students and faculty members who gathered in Corley Auditorium to watch the inauguration of the 44th president of the United States.

Watching on the big screen, the crowd cheered.

“It’s wonderful that everyone is this auditorium wants that,” said Whitney Fair, senior studio art major. “The show of support is amazing.”

Dr. Hillary Fogerty, assistant professor of English, sporting Obama pins, cheered for “Her president.”

“For the first time I can put up an American flag,” she said. “It no longer stands for water boarding or Guantanamo Bay.”

Professors released classes early and some students, like Amber Klambaugh, freshman undecided major, made their drive to campus hours early so they could watch the address with their friends.

“It’s just not the same, being at home on your couch,” she said. “I’ll get to tell my kids how I cheered for him, how I remember.”

Though she wasn’t involved in the campaign, Klambaugh believes today is special for everyone who voted, regardless of political party.

“It’s about more now, schools, and the economy and everything.” She said, “It’s about us all.”