Coffee shop brews own roast


Photo by Liz Chandler

The owner of Bearded Lady Coffee Roasters, Adam Francis, serves a customer. 

Liz Chandler

Bearded Lady Roasters, located at 218 S. Main St. in Joplin, is a local coffee shop that offers a wide variety of beverages, including coffee, tea, lemonade, and cold nitro brew. The shop also serves pastries supplied by a local bakery.

The environment provides a studious atmosphere, customers can catch up with a friend or simply find a moment of solitude, all while having a drink and bite to eat. With a year-round student and teacher discount and a customer rewards program, Bearded Lady Roasters is a good option for coffee lovers alike.

Owner Adam Francis had been working in the coffee business for years before opening Bearded Lady Roasters in February 2019. Francis decided to open his own business in order to feed his extroverted side, valuing the social aspect of working in a coffee shop above all. 

“I really enjoy the customer interaction and getting to provide people with something that I’m really proud of,” said Francis. “Strangers are more likely to talk to you, for some reason, when you’re on this side of a bar than in any other aspect in life.”

Before opening his shop, Francis had been roasting coffee on a smaller scale for his friends and family.