Love your body – Yoga

Students practice their poses in Mary Greenwoods class.

Students practice their poses in Mary Greenwood’s class.

Today concludes “Love Your Body Week,” hosted by Advising, Counseling and Testing Services.

The week was catered to help students build self esteem and appreciate one’s body.

“Count your blessings, not your blemishes,” read one of the flyers.

On Monday night, ACTS held Pamper Night, where students could stop by for free spa treatments, chocolate fondue and prizes.

On Tuesday night, Mary Greenwood, yoga and pilates instructor gave students the basics of yoga to students new to the sport and seasoned to stretchers.

Yoga Pointers


“The breathing gives you a sense of well being. That’s a side effect for everything,” said Mary Greenwood, yoga and pilates instructor.


While just breathing properly can feel like a stress reliever, the physical motion involved in coordinating between your mind, breathing and the movements in yoga can be a very powerful relaxation tool.


FlexibilityStretching your body in new positions and new ranges of motion will help your body become more flexible. You’ll gain flexibility across your whole body over time and practice.


Yoga will increase your overall muscular strength as well as endurance.

Yoga strengthens your quadriceps, hamstrings, and glutes in your legs as well as your upper body and core including your back, abdomen and shoulder muscles.

“You’re putting yourself in a lot of poses and you’re developing strength in your muscles isometrically,” Greenwood said.


Most students breathe in shallow, shorter breaths. In Yoga breathing exercises called Pranayama, you focus attention on your breath and how to better use your lungs.

By concentrating on your breath in class, each breath can become more efficient.DIETHealthy + VeganBefore you start yoga you won’t have to re-invent your diet or buy a new blender, but according to Greenwood many people that live the “yoga lifestyle” do eat primarily organic, vegan cuisine, while avoiding chemicals and caffeine. DO ITAt noon, every Monday and Wednesday, downstairs in the Student Life Center. The non-credit class has begun, but students can still join and pay a portion of the $30 class. The one-hour pilates and yoga class can also be attended in $10, four-week sessions.