Nominations, bylaws release set for April

After hours of planning by the committee, Missouri Southern will be getting it’s Staff Senate.

The committee has been working to establish bylaws, plans for the first election and what they hope will be a lasting commitment to representation for University staff.

“We’re looking for some equality,” said Committee Chair Elisa Bryant. “The students have a senate, and the faculty has a senate, so we need to have a voice.”

Bylaws have been approved by the administration with copies of the bylaws and nomination forms going out via e-mail in April to be followed by elections in May.

Bryant said the committee established their timetable based on the fiscal year and wants an efficient election process for senates to follow.

“We’re setting it in stone for the future,” she said. “This isn’t just for today.”

Though the bylaws are complete, the committee is waiting to release them, aiming for impact that will solicit interest both from those nominating others, and those wishing to be considered.

“We thought they can all take the opportunity to read the bylaws and get an idea of the responsibilities,” said committee member Anita Frieze.

Though the Staff Senate will give staff their line to the administration, like the Student Senate, the group’s potential for impact will lie in it’s recommendations.

“We’ve never had a voice, so we hope it’s heard and hope it’s taken to heart.”

Southern’s first Staff Senate should be in place by June, after-which the committee for it’s creation will dissolve.

“I hope we have interest,” Frieze said. “I think we will, by and large we have a great group of employees here at Missouri Southern.

“They always talk about the community here at Southern being a family, I’ve been here for 20 years, I feel that way, but we still need a voice.”