Chamber Choir belts Valentines

Today it will be hard not to notice groups of people walking around in formal attire and entering classes to sing. Never fear.

Today marks the sixth annual Singing Valentines event. The Missouri Southern Chamber Choir is going to be making stops in classrooms and in other settings to embarrass the “lucky” recipient.

“The girls go out and sing for whatever guy somebody has paid for,” said Bud Clark, director of choral studies. “They sing the two love songs and try to embarrass the recipient if they can. The guys go out and sing for the girls as well.”

The event is not confined to campus either. “We’ll be all over the Joplin area,” Clark said. “Even as far out as Carthage.”

The Chamber Choir finds the event to be tiring but find the work prideful and worth the effort.

“Chamber Choir is kind of the elite choir,” said Cassie Armstrong, sophomore vocal music major, ” So we get to do extra special things like this Singing Valentines.

“We meet two times a week. We practice in class and then you just have to build up your memorizing skills to have it ready on time.”

The uniqueness of the gift Chamber Choir offers has been well received.

“It’s a pretty busy time,” Clark said. “We go out in large groups or quartets. It’s kind of a classy present–not like a box of candy type of thing. It’s something live and fun. Girls find it kind of neat.”