Child Development Center to remain open

Parents, students and staff at the Child Development Center have gotten the news they wanted.

Through collaboration with University administration, the CDC, scheduled to be closed in May will remain open.

“We’re ecstatic, we’re all very happy,” said Dana Forsythe, director of the CDC. “Even the children are excited.”

Slated for closing due to budget concerns, the finances of the Center have been reworked. A select group of parents will now pay $26 instead of $23, and the center will be filled to capacity, 49 students everyday.

SODEXHO has also volunteered to prepare meals for the center.

University President Bruce Speck said he is “delighted” that the center will remain open at no cost to the University.

“Parents stepped forward and said ‘we’re willing to pay more,'” he said. “It’s going to be a break even, maybe even make a little money.”

Originally the CDC cost the school approximately $80,000, Speck said it will now be a “budget neutral situation.”

Currently the Center has students on a waiting list for a spot in the program, Dr. Glenn Coltharp, dean of the school of education said they will begin contacting those families immediately.

“Fortunately because we provided so much time for parents, working together we have found a way to keep the center operating,” he said.