Security reports

02-20-2009Domestic DisputeStone Hall

At 6:50 a.m., DPS was dispatched to Stone Hall on the complaint of students verbally fighting. The officer found the room by following the shouts he heard from a different floor.

The two roommates in the apartment were in the middle of their fight when DPS arrived. One roommate was angry with the other for leaving dirty dishes in the sink.

That student wrote a threatening note, full of obscenities, and placed it upon the roommate’s door. The student who wrote the threatening note then began to verbally threaten the roommate after the note was discovered at 6 a.m.

The offending roommate admitted to being stressed out by class and promised not to argue with the other roommate any more.

Both students were referred to campus counseling services. A report was written and then sent to the resident director with the recommendation that the students be separated.

Vehicle AccidentLot 24/ Justice CenterAt 4:05 p.m., DPS was notified about an accident involving two student vehicles. One student was backing out of a parking space when the car scraped up against the car parked right next to it. The owner of the offending car immediately notified DPS of the incident.

02-23-2009InformationLot 11/ Leggett & PlattAt 9:15 p.m., DPS was dispatched to Lot 11 on the report of an erratic driver.

JPD had notified DPS with information to watch out for a drunk driver who may be parked at Southern. The officer from JPD was at the scene and reported following the suspected person as they made a wide turn and ran over a curb outside of Babe’s on 7th St. and Duquesne Rd.

The JPD officer followed the suspect into Lot 11. He found the car parked and abandoned. The student was searched for and paged in the library but was not found.

The DPS officer put a boot on the car and went back to work. At 11 p.m., DPS was paged back to the vehicle as the driver and a friend came back to the vehicle to find it immobilized by the boot.

The suspect said that he didn’t believe that he had done what the JPD officer said that he had done. The suspect, or the friend, showed no indication of being intoxicated and the boot was taken off.