Photo composite by Julie Lybarger&Alexandra Nicolas


They’ve lost their team, and one of their own.

With the death of goalkeeper Jon Hansen, soccer player Nate Evans feels like the team “just can’t catch a break.”

“We’re handling it as best as we can,” Evans said. “I’m going to be finding a new school and I just lost a good friend.”

Hansen died of complications associated with scarring around the heart following his collapse on the court of the Feb. 8 intramural basketball game.

His death is being felt, not only by his teammates and friends but by the students who worked to try and save his life.

Dawson Urrutia, freshman biochemistry major, performed CPR until emergency services arrived.

“It was instinct, as soon as I saw him stop breathing, to start CPR,” Urrutia said. “I’m a certified lifeguard that still doesn’t prepare you for the trauma. I haven’t gotten any sleep. I had a nightmare about it last night.”

With the cutting of the men’s soccer program Hansen had planned to transfer so he could spend his last semester of eligibility on the field. “This is a very sad loss for our family,” said men’s head coach Kiley Cirillo. “We’ve lost a great ambassador and great friend. He’s a wonderful young man and is gone well before his time.”

A memorial service is planned for both Hansen and Southern football player Renard Johnson next week.

Director of Athletics Sallie Beard is glad to see student athletes “rallying around” the soccer team to support them as they mourn their friend and their team.

“We went and just played soccer yesterday, reliving the good days, the good memories,” Evans said. “He was a special person, a really humorous guy, and I’ll never forget his smile.”

Henson’s funeral will be at 10 a.m., tomorrow at the Good Shepard Episcopal Church in Wichita, Kan.