Sorority does its part to raise cancer awareness

Breast Cancer Awareness is something that is very important to every woman. It is good to know the signs and ways in which to prevent it.

That is why the Zeta Tau Alpha sorority is so involved with Breast Cancer Awareness. Most of the funds they receive from their fundraisers are donated to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. Select other cancer institutes receive the rest of the money.

In order to raise the money, the Zetas set up several fundraisers. The most recent event they hosted took place on Jan. 31 at the MSSU women’s basketball game. Everyone who attended got a free T-shirt, and all the proceeds from the game went towards different breast cancer foundations.

As for other fundraisers planned for this upcoming semester, they are not 100% sure what the future holds. They are currently looking for a new fund chairman. But, they do have a lot of different ideas, including possible bowling or dodge ball tournaments, says Zeta President Katie Tinney.

When asked what makes Zeta stand out from other sororities, Tinney mentioned the strong knowledge of breast cancer awareness, and said that was one of the main things that helped her decide. Tinney also loves the sisterhood and camaraderie with the other girls in the sorority.

“I’ve made friends for a lifetime that I wouldn’t have made otherwise,” she said.

Tinney also talked about the formal dance the sorority has every year in April. Called the Themis Dance, named after Themis, the Goddess of Justice, it is a lot like a prom. Everyone gets all dressed up, and only the Zetas and their dates are allowed to attend.

Also, another big event for the Zetas takes place during the fall semester. It is an open-mic night, including things like karaoke. You can either pay to sing, or pay to convince someone else to sing.

In other news with the Zetas, recruitments, or rushing, will be on Feb. 2-3. So, if you are interested in being a part of this sorority, it will be here before you know it!