Madrigal Feast serves Renaissance flavors

Madrigal Feast serves Renaissance flavors

Madrigal Feast serves Renaissance flavors

Tonight will be the final showing of this year’s Madrigal Feast.

The Madrigal Feast is a Renaissance-era dinner theatre show where no detail goes unnoticed. Everyone involved dresses their part and speaks in a British accent. They also greet the attendees with loud fanfare.

“It’s a lot of period stuff that you wouldn’t get anywhere else,” said John Wilkins, sophomore vocal music major.

According to Bud Clark, director of chorale activities, the musical part of the project began before the end of last semester and the script has been in the works for much longer.

The play shown is about three kings who enter the Clarkshire Castle. Later, King Budward, played by Clark, discovers that these kings are really actors scheming to rob his castle.

It costs $25 to attend the show and receive a full-course meal. The meal includes turkey legs, ribs, potato wedges, soup, bread, cheesecake and corn on the cob.

Andrew Pommert, sophomore music education major, and his wife, Jessica, attended the Wednesday night event.

“I figured on our anniversary we could either go to a dinner and a movie or we could spend our money doing something like this,” Andrew Pommert said.

“I was able to be transported to a different dimension and have a lot of fun.”