Boomerangs in Billingsly


Alexandria Berryhill

Haylee Pyburn (left), a psychology major and freshman, Anna Baker (Middle), an undeclared major and sophomore, Linda Switzerland (Right), a nursing major and sophomore, paint their boomerang between classes in Billingsly Student Center as an activity for the Oceanic Semester on Wednesday, Nov. 13. 

The semester is coming to an end and so are the Oceanic semester events. 

On Wednesday, Nov. 13 in Billingsly Student Center, CAB hosted a Paint Your Own Boomerang event.

 It was an opportunity for students to sit down and relax before, between, or after classes.

 There were tables with paint and brushes for participants to use.

There were pictures printed with examples of what students could print on the boomerang or students could free paint it however they liked. 

There was also relaxing music playing in the background, including waves crashing and the “Moana” soundtrack. 

Since boomerangs are associated with Australia was the reason for the event. 

Boomerangs symbolize the notion of coming back after a hardship that the person has been in.

They were used for hunting by indigenous Australians and are now used in sport and fun.

Boomerangs are often painted with small dots, because that’s how the indigenous Australians painted them. 

They were easier to find while hunting, because hunters would be looking for an odd shaped piece of wood among all the others. 

There will be one last event for the Oceanic Semester, which is is book meeting about The Whale Rider

It is about a little girl who can talk to whales, which helps her save her village. 

To talk about the book and pick up a personal copy will be at 5:30 p.m., Wednesday, November 20th, 2019 in Phelps Theater. This event will be free.