The Chart Staff goodbyes

The Chart Staff goodbyes

The Chart Staff goodbyes

I hate endings, beginnings have so many more possibilities.

I keep reminding myself that when one part of the story stops another begins. As I graduate I’ll be leaving The Chart, some great friends and this university.

Endings, however, are a great time to look back at the start and that’s where I blame Harold.

I took the long route to college. I wasn’t going to go; then I worked an assortment of jobs; then I enrolled but only part-time.

It’s my uncle’s fault. Years ago when he discovered I had no plans to pursue college he told me I was wrong , that I should go and he’d pay for it. It wasn’t that he was rich; it was his way of saying “this is important.”

The idea stuck with me, but I did nothing with it until he died.

Harold Buckley was a colorful character. His mother died before he hit his teens and he and helped raise his brothers and sister. Uncle Harold was the patriarch of the family. When I was little he charmed me by calling me “Am-yea” and letting me pick the marshmallows out of my Lucky Charms. This degree is for you.

I’ve learned a lot from The Chart. Being involved with this paper is probably the best thing that has happened to me during my time at Missouri Southern. I’ve found the euphoria of a top three “best in show” ranking and yet I know the embarrassment of allowing my spelling error to grace the front page. Whoops.

You meet a lot of people working here: administrators and teachers, students and athletes and some great coworkers.

We’re a colorful group and three years went by fast. Thanks for all the memories.