Unfavorable conditions have put the yet-unnamed health sciences building between six and eight weeks behind schedule.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) dictates that steel cannot be hung with more than 25 mph wind gusts, delaying construction.

“They really can’t do a lot until the wind settles down, we are running behind on that, but we think they can catch up,” Harrington said.

Wind isn’t the only setback for the health sciences building.

“We have a couple of columns out of plumb (not exactly vertical),” Harrington said. “Obviously if it’s not plumb from the first to the third floor when you start putting up walls you get all kinds of silliness.

“But the contractor’s working to correct it and it’s not a problem.”

As of now the building is still set to open the beginning of September.

The George K. Beimdiek Recreation Center, due to open in late September or early October 2009, is still on schedule with interior construction, painting, and cabinetry being added. The glass storefront of the bookstore is also in place.

Light blues and greens adorn the walls of the half-painted student Health Center with cabinet work being done in the new lab area and the nurses station.

“It’s really going to be a whole new world, considering what they were used to,” Harrington said.

Currently, both projects are still on budget.

“I will say the rec. center is getting really tight because of the work we did with the air handlers,” Harrington said. “We’ve looked at it as this is all the money we’ve got, and we do what we can for that amount of money.”

Architects have presented Southern’s administration with several plans for the new weather shelter/ practice facility, however the location for the building remains flexible.

Issues include the cost of earthwork and drainage. Currently drainage from heavy rainfall washes off Newman Road, across the tentative location for the structure, and down onto the football field. Harrington said that issue must be addressed before a final location can be set.

“It’s kind of a running target out there,” Harrington said. “We are continuing to favor the locations on the north side of the field.”