Senate considers new constitution

This week, Student Senate proposed a new constitution.

According to Will Lynch, the Senate has become “nothing more than an ATM machine.”

The new constitution calls for a two-body organization.

“The legislature will be based off of all of the registered student organizations on campus. Then it will be based off of all of the departments,” Lynch said.

No hard copies were made available and the Senate will vote on it on next week.

Senate awarded $1,000 to Delta Epsilon Chi to attend an international career development conference and another $1,000 to the Student Nurses Association for a trip that would help members with the NCLEX board exam.

In new business, the Senate viewed an amendment to change attendance rules for Senate. The amendment calls for the amount of unexcused absences in the Senate to be cut from four to two allowances before a senator is removed from office. Senators who are absent may obtain an excuse of absence through permission of the executive committee. Senate will vote on it next week.

A list of resolution ideas, announcements and service project ideas was handed out by Darrell Sour, but no action was taken.

Among the resolution ideas outlined in the document:

Shorter semesters

Parking placards

Placing The Chart online only

Registered student organization funding

Mileage reimbursement

Registered student organization calender

CAB stamping of flyers and other documents

Making the Student Senate paperless

The document also included service project ideas for the Senate such as additional residence hall security cameras, a sign for CAB, funding for the proposed amphitheater addition to the Billingsly Student Center, renovation of the memorial fountain on the Oval and funding for new books for Spiva Library.