Web 2.0



A Web site with a twist – users decide what goes on the front page by “digging” articles or content on the Web. The most dugg articles show up on the front page. Can be separated by news stories, videos or images as well as categories like technology, Business and sports. Keep in mind: Any story on Barack Obama, Ron Paul or legalizing marijuana will shoot to the top.

Top stories at press time: Lightsaber Fight, a breakdancing video and an angry Rush Limbaugh listener. Digg.com


A social bookmarking site where you submit links, then tag them with anything from architecture to shoes, guitar to chess. Though, like digg, much of the Web sites cater to technology. Popular tags also include music, art and food. Keep in mind: You can find links to everything on here.

Top link under “shoes” tag: Do-it-yourself floating shoe rack. delicious.com


The funniest of all three, Reddit showcases more hard news than the others, but most of it being humorous. You can also create group Reddits to share information with a group of friends or with a certain group of people. For instance, you could start up a Reddit where all you post is links to McDonalds coupons.

Top news story: Elementary School Bus driver arrested for slamming on the breaks.




A micro-blogging tool. Because updates are limited to 140 characters, users typically write more updates



One of the oldest pieces of blog software around. Gives you access to a free blog at yournamehere.blogspot.com or you can use Blogger software on your own host or server at yournamehere.com. Easily customizable but hasn’t improved much in the last few years. blogger.com/start


The standard for most professional blogs online. Similar to Blogger, allows both free options at wordpress.com or host-your-own solutions at wordpress.org. The free but increasingly powerful software is used for personal blogs and also online magazines and newspapers.



The Google search engine for streaming audio. Scans audio and video sources then plays them in your browser, instantly. Also gives you short links to share through other social networking sites. fizy.com

Stumble Upon

Choose a category, then “Stumble.” The Mozilla Firefox plug-in will let you choose from a myriad of categories then take you through as many Web sites in that category as you like. Not instantly entertained? Press stumble and be taken to a new Web site. Warning: Days can pass on this program. stumbleupon.com

Fail Blog

One of the best uses of social networking. An open user community submits “fails” of all type to this community blog. Completely user-submitted videos and images provide a constant stream of hilarity. failblog.org