Committee calls for contribution cap

Employees could be putting a “premium” on health in the future.

The Health Insurance committee, co-chaired by Debbie Dutch Kelley, director of human resources and Judy Wilmoth, human resources specialist, after reviewing current insurance practices has prepared a list of recommendations to be reviewed by the president’s council.

“We looked at other universities and how they had structured how employees bear the burden,” Wilmoth said.

These recommendations in-clude changes in co-pay schedule, the addition of two new insurance plans and changes to the University contribution to employee plans.

Currently Southern contributes $406.38 monthly to each employees plan, suggested changes would cap University giving at $400 and would base employee premiums on salary with higher paid employees paying more and employees lower in the tier paying less. However, premium amounts won’t be known until late September or early October.

Wilmoth hopes premium levels “won’t be terrible,” and that rates will continue to stay flat.

All the recommendations must go through the president’s council and then be approved by the Board of Governors. Board chairman Dwight Douglas declined to comment until he had a chance to examine the proposal.

Should these recommendations be accepted they will go into effect for the January through December 2010 insurance year.