Kleindl takes on dual role

Dr. Brad Kleindl, dean of the Robert W. Plaster School of Business Administration, was selected as the Interim Vice President for Academic Affairs on July 13.

Kleindl will now handle both roles until a permanent vice president is named.

“I’m hopping back and forth,” Kleindl said about the new arrangement. To help compensate for his now-limited role as dean, he has named Dr. Beverly Block as interim assistant dean.

“Dr. Block is helping with the day-to-day issues,” Kleindl said, but noted that he’s still involved in more of the “strategic” duties.

“The Vice President of Academic Affairs is basically the overseer for the academic side of the campus,” he said.

That area includes deans, department heads, financial aid, student support services and others.

“It keeps me busy,” Kleindl said of juggling both positions. “Summer hasn’t been so bad.

“Starting this fall, Iím sure it will be [a little tougher].”

Kleindl said his appointment was made by University President Bruce Speck.

“He’s been doing a great job,” Speck said.

Speck said Kleindl will return to his regular post as dean once a new vice president is selected.

“We’ve posted a job ad,” he said.

Speck said the University hopes to find a new vice president by January.