Time for a vote

It’s time for a vote.

The Board of Governors meets today at 1 p.m. It has the power to end this fiasco, and it’s time they do it.

For the second straight Board meeting, our president’s job seems to be on the line. The controversy surrounding Missouri Southern has reached a breaking point. It has produced a wealth of news stories, all of them negative. Our school has become a laughing stock, a big joke.

End it. Please.

The Faculty Senate ad hoc committee created to determine if a vote of no confidence is necessary has released a five-page preliminary report. If the Board takes no action today, Faculty Senate President Roger Chelf said the committee would continue working on its full report. We imagine this report contains a lot of information, but a full-blown report will contain a lot more. Of course, if the Board takes no action, such a document will be necessary. Such a temporary embarrassment, however, might serve the greater good.

End it. Please.

We would like to present the issues surrounding this situation to our readers, but all parties involved have made that impossible. No one will talk and the culture of fear is being augmented with a deafening silence. Chelf said Wednesday that “It has certainly been the hope of this committee that this issue is resolved [today] so that the entire report doesn’t have to be made public.”

End the secrecy. Please

The president has put himself in this position. Though he takes no responsibility for anything that has occurred, he’s ultimately responsible for all of it. And he shows no signs of changing his ways. Yes, it’s the second straight Board meeting where the president’s job is on the line. The campus is paralyzed again, as everyone waits to see what will happen. Employees seem to be scared to do anything for fear of ending up on the wrong side of this turf war.

End it. Please.

It’s up to the Board now to right the ship. We hope they will.

With a vote. Please.