Heavyweights await opening bell

Heavyweights await opening bell

Heavyweights await opening bell

The bell is about to ring, and we’re ready to watch the next round.

The controversy surrounding University President Bruce Speck has been reduced to a two-party fight.

In this corner, wearing the fedora and green trunks and representing the president, Muhammad Ali. The president certainly floats like a butterfly, dodging questions about complaints lodged against him in a Senate ad hoc committee report. But will he sting like a bee?

In the other corner, wearing the gold trunks and representing the Faculty Senate: Joe Louis. The Senate speaks cautiously and mostly quietly about the possibility of a no-confidence vote, and displays a gentle disposition. Can it pull it off?

The next round begins Monday. We expect the Senate to land the first blow with a solid uppercut as it appears likely a no confidence vote will happen at its Monday meeting.

How will the president respond?

Will he deliver the right cross and finally address 23 grievances against him in the Senate’s report?

The Board of Governors and Student Senate appear to be waiting this one out. The Board, instead of resolving the issue at its Sept. 18 meeting, issued a vague statement saying it is aware of dissatisfaction in the president, and asked him to improve relations with faculty. No specifics or timetables were offered.

The Student Senate, despite rumors of conducting a vote of confidence in Speck, did nothing this week but complain about Sodexho employees not wearing gloves. Senators only began looking at taking their own action on Wednesday.

We’re not even sure the Board and Student Senate are watching this fight ringside. Judging by their recent actions, it looks like they bought nosebleed seats.

But who will win this fight? Can the president survive a full faculty vote of no confidence, or even a Faculty Senate vote of no confidence? Will the president address the Senate’s concerns? We’re waiting to see.

We just hope Board member Dwight Douglas doesn’t bite someone’s ear off.