Senate in place, still short members

Student Senate elections were held Sept. 8-9. Of the 36 seats attainable, 18 were filled and one seat is awaiting a tiebreaker vote.

Elections were for the nine available seats to represent each of the four classes at MSSU, said Dean of Students Doug Carnahan.

The freshman, sophomore and junior classes filled five, eight and four seats, respectively.

The senior class filled all nine of its seats, with one tie between two students. The Student Senate will cast a tiebreaker vote at its first formal meeting on Sept. 23.

Students can still become involved with Student Senate even though elections are done.

“Any student interested in filling out a vacancy can pick up a form,” Carnahan said.

Vacancy forms are located in the Student Life office, said Darren Fullerton, director of student life and also the faculty adviser for the Senate. Student Senate will then create a vacancy committee, the committee will have interviews with the students who applied, and they will appoint the new senators.

Student Senate will have a meeting on Sept. 16 at the biology pavilion, and was described by Carnahan as an “ice-breaker.”

“That’s the first meeting of the Student Senate,” he said.

The meeting will be informal and will have introductions, as well as the distribution of the parliamentary procedure so that the Senate can become familiar with regulations.

“[It will] let people know what to expect when they come to the first [formal] meeting,” said Carnahan.

The first formal meeting will take place at 5:30 p.m. Sept. 23 in Room 309 of the Billingsly Student Center, Fullerton said. All subsequent weekly meetings will also be held there.

Student Senate officers were elected at the end of the spring 2009 semester. They are Will Lynch, president; Lindi Todd, vice president; Amanda Van Lue, treasurer; and Kisa Clark, secretary.