Faculty Senate action not without precedent

Monday’s Faculty Senate decision to form a committee to discuss a vote of no confidence is not unprecedented at Missouri Southern.In February 1981, the National Education Association took a vote of confidence in MSSU’s three central administrators, according to the Feb. 26, 1981 edition of The Chart. The results showed that “39.5 percent (43 votes) said they had confidence in Dr. Donald Darnton, president, and 54.1 percent (59) votes did not,” reported The Chart of the 109 full-time faculty, librarians and coaches who returned their ballots. The other two administrators did not fare as well. “Dr. Floyd Belk, vice president for academic affairs, had 24.8 percent (27 votes) of the faculty showing confidence and 73.4 percent (80 votes) without confidence. Dr. Paul Shipman, vice president for business affairs, had 25.7 percent (28 votes) showing confidence and 70.6 percent (77 votes) showing no confidence.” A letter was sent to the Board of Regents that stated the reason for the vote, the results, a call to action and a request that the board meet with the faculty, according to The Chart.