Derfelt applies lessons to life

A loving mother, and a loving wife. Joanna Derfelt, associate professor of political science, is that and much more.

Derfelt has two kids and a husband. Most of her time is spent with her family.

“If someone asked me what was important to me it would be my kids, my husband, my family. They come first, without a doubt,” Derfelt said.

One of the things that Derfelt helps the family out is with Halloween costume making. Every year Derfelt sow’s her kids Halloween outfits. Derfelt also spends time at her church in Baxter Springs, Fellowship Baptist Church, working with the children’s program. Also Derfelt likes to read.

“I’m just a interesting assortment of activities,” Derfelt said.

Derfelt is well-rounded in education. She is a graduate of Missouri Southern. She studied political science and received a bachelor’s degree. While Derfelt was attending Southern, she was in the Honors Program. After receiving her degree, Derfelt went to the University of Kansas to attain a law degree. While she was at KU, Derfelt interned at the Kansas attorney general’s office. Derfelt left University of Kansas with a juris doctorate.

With her education, in law, Durfelt has had and has good jobs. Durfelt first real job was working for the Reno County district attorney’s office in Hutchinson Kan.

“It’s a long ways away but I really wanted to be a prosecutor,” Derefelt said.

After Derfelt worked for the DA’s office, she came back to Cherokee County to run for the county attorney office. She won and served a term. After serving a term, Derfelt opened her own office in Baxter Springs.

Derfelt is one of many teachers that practice what they preach. After she is done teaching for the day, she will drive back to Baxter Springs and apply the things that she teaches during the day to what she is working on in her office at night.

“I enjoy that for me,” Derfelt says.