Guest column: Will Lynch

So far this year in our Student Senate, I have created three ad-hoc committees to better serve the student body. This year student senate will have special committees for environmental sustainability, senate calendar and presidential review.

The purpose of the environmental sustainability committee is ensuring that MSSU is on the cutting edge of fulfilling the needs of our campus and our environment. The senate calendar committee will add a little bit of legislative process to student senate and provide an extra check on what senate does and make sure that the issues addressed in student senate are pertitant to our campus.

Finally, I created the ad hoc committee for presidential review. This committee will serve as a means of providing the students with a strong voice in terms of the points brought up by faculty senate. I find it to be incredibly important that students get educated on the issues to better understand how the issues affect our campus, not only today but also in the future. I hope to hear your opinions on these issues so I will be able to gauge your responses and make a better decision myself.

I’ve also had the pleasure of serving as the student representative to Missouri Southern’s Board of Governors and will continue to do so on a temporary basis until Governor Jay Nixon selects a finalist for the position. It is very important that the students have a representative that is knowledgeable about the topics that are significant to our student body. For this reason, I ask that you keep me informed on what is critical to you. This position gives our student body the biggest opportunity to make a direct change on our campus, so the more I hear from you the more I can present to the Board.

I certainly hope to hear from you in the comings weeks, I am genuinely grateful for the opportunity to serve you in our Student Senate and now on the Board of Governors.