We’re back

Alright, so we promised some coverage this summer and didn’t deliver.

We’re sorry.

People got sick, people took jobs elsewhere, and we had to step in at newspapers around the area to help out.

But we’re back now.

We had job opportunities, and the kind that pay. But nothing could beat coming back to The Chart and covering the news again.

We’ve changed our look. With some assistance from Rob Schneider, the design editor at The Dallas Morning News and a graduate of Truman State University, we’ve converted to a more traditional look.

Our flag and page titles may look different to some, but they will be familiar to many, as we’ve gone back to the look and page sections of previous years of The Chart.

This will serve as a reminder of what this newspaper has accomplished in the past as we strive to return to national prominence.

Our newsroom now features five new computers and we’ve gotten rid of the machines that sat on desks in the corner with weird erorr messages.

We’ve added a touch of color to the walls of the newsroom, and many new faces to our news meetings.

What does it all add up to?

We feel we’re poised for a strong year, and we’ve set some lofty goals for ourselves. Our readers can help out.

Have a story idea, a criticism or any other suggestion? Tell us.

Have an opinion on a story we’ve written? Tell us.

We are a student-run newspaper, but we serve a campus community. We will accept letters, columns and comments, and print them in our Public Forum section.

It should be a good year, and it feels good to be back.