Annual marijuana event is ‘staple’


Nathan Carter / The Chart

Kelly (left) and Kyle (right) Maddy fight for the decriminalization and legalization of marijuana through the Joplin NORML and SSDP organizations. Fund raisers like the yearly Cannabis Revival help sustain the battle.

Organizing Joplin NORML (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws) yearly Cannabis Revival has become increasingly easy on the duo of Kyle and Kelly Maddy.

“Just the overall work we have to put into the event, every year we have to do less and less because the prep work we’ve done from stage ideas from last year,” said Kelly Maddy, president of Joplin NORML. “This year there’s just a lot more going on over all and it’s free and we always want to keep it that way to make sure we always get the residual crowd so we just want to build on that and get more people out.”

“I kind of just help out with everything,” said Kyle Maddy, vice president of Joplin NORML and president of Students for Sensible Drug Policy. “I’m the volunteer coordinator, just as well as last year. My job is to categorize all the volunteers we have and train them and make sure that there all there and knowledgeable about what we’ll be doing the day of the festival.”

The event is facing a lot of competition this year, as the year Carl Junction Bluegrass Festival and Raycliff Manor’s Screamfest will be taking place on the same date, but Kelly and Kyle both feel confident that the event will go over as well as it has in years past.

“I think the main points are this is a Joplin staple,” Kyle Maddy said. “This isn’t a new festival that just started. This is something we do every year. I think another important thing is that it’s a free festival. We aren’t charging people to come out and have a good time. It’s at a public park with lots of vendors, and it isn’t just a concert. You get the best of both worlds.

“You get to hear awesome music and you’re going to get to hear very, very intriguing speakers who will speak on issues you may not know anything about. Whether you are for cannabis or against cannabis, you are going to get a chance to come out and make an educated decision on this issue.”

Kelly Maddy agrees with his sentiment, stating the organization never plans to charge for the event, though donations are accepted.

Some of the draws to the festival include the final show of Underground Blues Division. The band will be losing their vocals and guitar to the Grady Champion Band.

Another big draw according to Kyle Maddy will be speaker Gary Johnson, former Republican governor of New Mexico.

The Cannabis Revival begins at noon on Saturday in Landreth Park. Information and donation forms can be found at and