Have I received an education

Graduation is normally a fun and exciting time for most people.

It’s a celebration of a completion of hard work, time, and dedication. I’m not in this boat.

As my education journey is nearing its completion I feel more of a puzzled feeling than a sense of jubilation.

Have I really received a “higher education?” Have you? Not really. Education is not the key. I know that goes against everything we have learned from the time we could speak but I’m here to tell about the myth we have been told since kindergarten.

Education is not the key, being educated is. Education is a concept that is purely dependant on what you want to be in life as well.

If you want to be a doctor or lawyer then yes go to school, sit in the front and excel in life but for us common folks it’s not that black and white. Remember the 3rd grade, I don’t know what it was like for you but in my class we did cursive writing until Christmas break.

When was the last time you had to write anything in cursive? I write my name and that’s about it. I can do basic math but ask me how to find the circumference of something and you might as well be speaking Pig Latin.

Why did we spend so much time learning all this stuff that in the end as rendered itself useless? When did our government decide that having this piece of paper determine your knowledge or worth?

I read in a USA Today article that fewer than half of employers (44 percent) plan to hire recent college grads in 2010, according to a Career Builder survey.


I went to school, paid all this money, walked in the freezing cold to class, did all this homework, and now I can’t find a job? Something about that seems fishy.

What’s their answer to finding a job: More school, more time, and more money. No that’s not how it should be.

Shouldn’t the education we receive be tailored to our interests and what we want to be in life? Is our school system truly doing us a service if we are left unemployed at its completion?

Having specific skills, being able to use logic, form ideas, communicate effectively, and a little hard work and intuition seem far more valuable than attending meaningless Fitness Walking that you need to graduate.

Sure we can all those skills from attending school but wouldn’t we have reached all those by just maturing as people?

I’m sure you would have and saved all that money, time and effort in the process. You could have bought a lot of keys with the money you saved or just switched to Geico.