College Democrats looking to grow


Quinten Sargent

Jewell Dehon

Nickelback has a super fan on Missouri Southern’s campus, and she just so happens to be the President of the College Democrats organization. Jewell Dehon is a senior psychology student who has been involved with the College Democrats since her freshman year. Throughout her tenure, she has held the position of secretary and vice president, working toward taking the reins this semester as president. 

Dehon is from Kansas and was raised by left leaning parents. She never felt forced into any belief because freedom of choice was emphasized. Politics is a polarizing atmosphere, but for Dehon, Hillary Clinton’s campaign in 2016 gave her a certain inspiration that she could be involved in the political landscape too.

“Watching Hillary Clinton in her fight against Trump, I felt like I knew her,” said Dehon.

According to Dehon, the Missouri Southern College Democrats “strive to meet our members’ needs and be able to spread political literacy, while volunteering and fundraising.”

The College Democrats organization also strives to discuss topics of importance to their values, including climate change, the environment, LGBTQ issues and rights, as well as women’s rights and healthcare. 

Dehon stressed the importance of getting involved with the community, but also letting other organizations here on campus know that similar interests can bring more people together for good. 

“Our organization has talked about working with other clubs on campus to see what we could be involved in or how we could help,” said Dehon. “In the past we’ve talked about going to Wildcat Glades and doing some cleanup, because the environment is a very big aspect inside the Democratic Party. And the biology club would obviously be into the conservation of the environment.” 

And while Dehon leads as President of the College Democrats Organization on campus, there is always a faculty member who takes the time out of their schedule to help with structure and the benefits for any club. 

For the College Democrats, William Delehanty is that member. 

“He has been one of the most supportive people. He helps me through everything, my right-hand man. He does it out of the goodness of his heart,” said Dehon.

Southern is made up of 62 percent of first generation college students, with many who must commute and hold down a job. Dehon offered a pitch as to why it pays to get involved.

“We offer an organization to join an inclusive environment that shares the same goals and ideals for the campus and community,” said Dehon.

With the semester off to the races and with so much to accomplish, the College Democrats will be holding their first event On Feb. 24 from noon to 1 p.m. This first get together is a table event in Billingsly, offering students a chance to sign up and talk about their interests in politics. 

“The Missouri Southern College Democrats is open to non-Democrats and Democrats alike, anyone who has ideals to share is welcome,” said Dehon.