Election vote is worth your time

It’s only a couple of times a year that students can make important decisions in an official capacity.

Take five minutes to walk over and cast a vote.

Elections will be held next week from May 3-5. All Student Senate office candidates up for election are running unopposed, so there won’t be anything earth-shattering there.

But there’s something on the ballot worth checking out for everyone who does or doesn’t smoke.

That means you.

Student Senate is taking a nonbinding vote of the students to judge the campus community’s opinion on smoking.

The students make up the largest body on campus. This school is only here because of the students.

How the students vote next week could have the biggest effect on whether administrators go for a tobacco-free campus in the future.

Something else special about this year’s election: You can help vote in- or oppose- a new draft of the Student Senate Constitution. Check it out on our website if you want to know what it’s all about.

The proposed constitution looks like it will help Student Senate make progress quicker and more efficiently.

The Senators have worked hard on writing a better constitution, and it shows.

Take just five minutes. Cast your vote.