Legacy Days set for Saturday

In 1997, the alumni center at Missouri Southern implemented a program to introduce children of former students to the Southern experience.

Scott Meeker, an intern at the time, played a big role in the development of Legacy Days.

“The goal was to give potential students an idea of what Southern has to offer,” he said.

Because Missouri Southern had not had such a program in the past, the staff had to start from square one.

Meeker remembers the effort it took to launch Legacy Days all those years ago.

“It was a lot of work making contacts with alumni who had children and coming up with activities for classes,” he said.

This year the program has implemented some new features, including a parents’ reception, which will seek to involve the alumni in activities offered exclusively to them.

Another change is the time of the event.

Usually attendees are treated to a Lions’ basketball game, but in an effort to avoid run-ins with bad weather, the staff has decided to hold the event during football season, allowing former students and their children to attend a football game free of charge.

Melissa Hinton, senior elementary teacher education major, will be working with the children attending Legacy Days for the first time this year.

She became involved in the program through her work with the National Reading Association and is excited for the opportunity to work with children who might some day attend MSSU.

“I hope they see that Southern is a great place to come and learn and mature,” she said.

Lee Pound, director of alumni relations, has been in charge of Legacy Days from the start. She is excited to see what new faces arrive to the event.

Pound noticed that many children who have gone through the program are now students at the University.

“They have carried on the tradition, which is the goal of the program,” she said.

Meeker, who now has children of his own, says that he will “defiantly encourage” them to attend the program when they’re old enough.

“It’s a great experience that gives potential students knowledge about MSSU so that when they are making a choice of college they remember their exposure to Southern,” he said.