Gateway Classic inspires editor to set career goal


Jordan Larimore, associate editor


After entering the building, I was stopped by two security officers, to whom I showed my press pass. 

They told me I had two options, pointing to an isolated set of elevators behind me, leading to “upstairs.” 

The officers also told me I could go straight, again only hinting with “downstairs.”

If I had been in my element, my familiar stomping grounds, I wouldn’t even have needed such direction. 

But this was new; I had never seen a place so big, let alone from the underbelly which is always hidden from the public eye. 

I chose to go “downstairs” in an effort to get as close as possible. 

I descended down a winding ramp that led to a windowless corridor with several doors labeled “Authorized Personnel Only,” and other similar threatening messages.

Then, I saw it; finally. 

“ST. LOUIS RAMS LOCKER ROOM” in large gold letters. My eyes lit up to the point that I had to remind myself I was there to work, not to be the die-hard devoted Rams fan I’ve been for 20 years.

I continued on my way down the corridor, looking for the one door, among the countless possibilities, that would lead me onto the field at the Edward Jones Dome, where I would camp out for the next three hours watching Missouri Southern’s football team tear apart the Lincoln University Blue Tigers, 56-14.

The Lions took on Lincoln in the Gateway Classic last Saturday, a game traditionall played in the home stadium of the St. Louis Rams. 

From the moment I heard Southern would make this trip, I planned to follow them.

I had to explore every bit of the Dome I could get my eyes on. Once I found the tunnel leading to the field, it hit me; this is where heroes of mine like Marshall Faulk, Torry Holt, Isaac Bruce, Ricky Proehl, Kurt Warner, Aneas Williams and more recently Steven Jackson and Sam Bradford, have prepared themselves for competition.

My biggest shock came when I saw the view from the press box at the Dome; the home of more personal heroes, Joe Strauss, Bernie Miklasz, Derrick Goold. Scribes.

It was in that moment that I decided, one day, I would be paid to come back to the Dome and wander around again.

I set a goal for myself, one that I have every intention of fulfilling. It has always been my dream job; to be a sportswriter for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. 

Saturday just reminded me.