The Newest thing on Campus


Students may have noticed a different sight on campus as they pulled into school for the first time this semester. Located along Newman Road across from the north parking lot stands Missouri Southern’s newest addition; a 15 foot tall, scrolling marquee.

The new the marquee provides a face lift to the campus as well as provides students with information such as time, date outside temperature and campus events. “It’s a great way to get information out to students as they pull in” says public relations major, Ashley Lindbearger. “It was a really good idea.”

   In addition to providing students with information, “it is also a recruitment tool” says student senate president, Johnathan Saunders.

   “The idea for the sign came several years ago after the senate compared the University with other campuses” Saunders said. After years of proposing the idea, a decision to move forward was finally made in the spring after discovering that the wiring had already been laid out.

   During the following summer a committee was formed to head up the project. “In the spring we as a body proposed that we give 10,000 dollars as a start up fee with the understanding that the administration would get funding for the rest of the project. “We got a green light” Saunders said.  

   Many students like new marquee. “We’ve heard a lot of positive feedback from administrators, students and teachers alike” Saunders said. “It’s a byproduct of many people and many hands and we are very happy for it to be there”.