‘Penny war’ to help 2 Southern students


Katie Bromley, senior marketing major, is helping a friend.

This may not be out of the ordinary for most people. Naturally, people are inclined to help others; however the circumstances are different. 

“We’re raising money for two MSSU students,” she said. “It’s her mother … she’s in need of brain surgery in late November and so we’re just trying to raise funds for that.” 

The penny war began Oct. 31 and ends Nov. 11. About 45 percent of the funds needed for the surgery have been gained through fundraising measures with participation from the Greeks, athletics and honor society.

“The winner gets a plaque with what the competition was and basically we’re just trying to raise money for it and we usually take the jugs out by 5 each night,” Bromley said. 

As of press time the Greeks are winning.

Alpha Sigma Alpha is sponsoring the event.