Bieber fever stricken editor gets in Christmas spirit with ‘Mistletoe’

Bieber fever stricken editor gets in Christmas spirit with Mistletoe

Bieber fever stricken editor gets in Christmas spirit with ‘Mistletoe’


Justin Bieber has released a Christmas album. Young girls and college newspaper editors-in-chief everywhere can rejoice.

The album is somewhat reminiscent to what N*Sync did years ago, releasing Home for the Holidays, a Christmas album, as a bridge to their second full length studio album.

Technically, Bieber’s already released a second studio album, but fans of his know it’s really just a remastered version of his first album, My World — thus the name My World 2.0.

Bieber’s official second album is due out next year, and it’s a safe bet that the album will debut at no. 1 on several Billboard charts upon its release, just like N*Sync’s No Strings Attached did in 2000. 

The major difference between the two albums, though, is that while Home for the Holidays topped the Billboard holiday album charts, Bieber’s Under the Mistletoe debuted at no. 1 on the Billboard 200, proving that album is a pretty decent pop album on its own, or at least Bieber has the most rabid fanbase in recent memory. N*Sync only got to no. 7.

Under the Mistletoe is a mix of old and new Christmas songs, all performed by Bieber with some featuring big name artists like Mariah Carey and Busta Rhymes. That’s right, Busta Rhymes.

Unfortunately, it’s that track with Busta, “Drummer Boy,” that really brings the album down. As popular as hip hop and Christmas music are, there’s a reason the two are rarely blended together, save for some mild cult popularity from David Banner or Eazy-E.

Bieber continues to show more and more as a viable hip hop and/or R&B artist, but this song couldn’t have been any further from what it should have been.

The good news is that the kid actually does a pretty decent job with the rest of the album, particularly the lone single from the album, “Mistletoe.”

The song peaked at no. 11 on the Billboard Hot 100 after being released in October of this year. Though Bieber shares a partial writing credit on the song, the lyrics aren’t this song’s strong suit.

No, it’s that cozy voice of his, coupled with a soft hip hop beat on top of almost reggae-like guitar strumming. This one is a true Christmas song, invoking visions of chestnuts on an open fire, snow, and making snow angels with your girl (or guy).

The album also features a duet with Mariah Carey, which is a remake of Carey’s 1994 Christmas hit, “All I Want for Christmas is You.”

If you love her original version, don’t be ashamed to check into JB’s update. Carey does a great job, and Bieber’s maturing, slightly more soulful voice is a fitting compliment to Carey’s soprano pipes.

The song likely won’t be released as a single, but it’s definitely got all the pieces to be the kind of hit Mariah Carey made it in 1994. Plus, it’s any excuse to get Carey back into the studio is a good one.

Though Bieber shares writing credit on at least part of seven songs on the album, he wraps it up with a cover of a classic, “Silent Night.” It’s simple, just a few piano strokes and Bieber, jus like the song should be. “Silent Night” should never be a big production.

Say what you want about the kid being a pop prince, but he’s talented. While Bieber’s album may not rival those put out by folks like Bing Crosby in the annals of Christmas classics, a couple of the tracks could become pop  Christmas staples for years to come.

If you have Bieber Fever, the album is definitely for you. 

If you just like Christmas music, then the album’s for you too. But if you just can’t stand the Biebs no matter what he does, then save your money and listen to it online instead.