Angels getting a steal with Pujols for $250 million


Nathan Mills, Editor-in-cheif


Albert Pujols is an Angel.

No, I don’t mean literally, although I’m sure it wouldn’t be an issue for God to give him his wings once the time comes.

The Machine is the newest member of the Anaheim Angels, a move that has Cardinals fans everywhere burning his jerseys and asking for his head on a platter, sometimes literally, sometimes figuratively.

Early Thursday morning, it was announced that the Angels has signed Pujols out from underneath the Cardinals with a 10-year, $254 million deal. The contract is the second largest in Major League history, right behind Alex Rodriguez’s current deal with the Yankees.

Is Pujols worth the money? You bet he is.

Is he worth all the crying in St. Louis and throughout all of Cardinal nation? You bet he is.

I guess as someone who hates the Cardinals, it brings me great excitement to see all my Cardinal-fan friends, who are normally nearly as obnoxious as Yankee fans, silent for the first time since the World Series.

My favorite part is seeing all those same fans who desperately wanted him to stay a Cardinal last week talking about how his career will be over in a few short years, and really they’re better off without Pujols on the roster.

Let’s be clear, here. There is no scenario in the world where your team is better off without, quite possibly, the best hitter in baseball history.

The guy will be chasing several hitting records in just a few years.

He’s the best all-around first baseman in the league.

His nearly 40 home runs and 100 RBI every year would be a welcomed with open arms by any team in the league.

Especially the Angels, apparently.

Deep down, I hope the Cardinals somehow pull it together with a lesser replacement for Pujols and make it to another World Series. I hope the team in the opposite dugout is the Cardinals.

Then I hope Pujols hits three home runs in a single game on them and dominates them like only Albert can.

That would really stick it on those fans’ collective craws, wouldn’t it?

I’ll say this, though. Albert’s a smart guy, but somebody ought to teach him how, when Danny Glover steps out of the dugout and waves his arms, you do it too. There’s an Angel with you. Or maybe just Tony Danza and Matthew McConaughey. Either way, you get up and wave those arms.