75th anniversary festivities focus on engaging student body, alumni

This semester marks the start of a yearlong celebration for Missouri Southern’s 75th anniversary.

While some events, such as the welcome picnic, have already taken place, further events are planned for this and the upcoming spring semester.

According to JoAnn Graffam, vice president for development and executive director of the Missouri Southern Foundation, upcoming events include movies with each month marking a new decade, beginning with “Gone with the Wind.”

Other events include the theater department redoing the play “Patsy” which was originally performed on the campus in 1937.

As former Campus Activities Board president and a Southern Ambassador, junior mass communication major Kimiya Simpson is involved with the campus and is excited about the anniversary.

“Since this is the 75th anniversary, everyone is excited. Even our new freshmen are on fire for the school,” she said. “They make me happy to be here.”

Graffam said it was important in the planning stages of the anniversary festivities to make sure students could be involved and experience the milestone for the University.

This planning did not go unnoticed by freshman criminal justice major Lanley Scroggins.

“With all the activities they have based for this year I will probably remember this year more than I would any other regular year,” she said.

Although many of the events are focused on the student body, the University has plans to include past alumni and community members as well.